Spyro the DragonHi! I'm Spyro the Dragon! I was out playing hooky one day with my pal Sparx when Gnasty Gnorc cast an evil spell that trapped my dragon friends in crystal prisons all over the kingdom. Now it's up to me to set them free!

Trouble is, I'm still a little dragon. I can't fly, but man can I glide! And of course I can breath fire and toast all those nasty bad guys. But don't worry, if my flaming breath doesn't work, then I can charge them down really fast and let them feel my horns! I can also jump, run and I have special Spyro vision that I can use to look all around me. I may be little, but I am one tough dragon! Sparx the Dragonfly

Hi, my name's Sparx and I'm a dragonfly. Spyro may be a dragon, but he still needs me to get him out of all the trouble he gets into -- all the time. He thought toasting Gnorcs was just going to be fun -- but it is turning out to be the biggest adventure of his life!

Gnasty GnorcSince I'm Spyro's best friend, I'm going to be flying at his side to help him out as much as I can, but remember, the longer you keep me healthy, the longer I can look out for my pal Spyro. You see, I can only get hit three times before I have to leave. And I don't want to leave! By looking at me, you can see how healthy I am -- when I am yellow, I am at full health and ready to take on Gnasty Gnorc himself! But if I am hit, I'll turn blue -- and if I am hit one more time, then I'll turn go green. Be careful, because if I get hit once more, I'm gone! If you see I am turning color then all Spyro has to do is flame or charge some small creatures like sheep or frogs that release butterflies. I love butterflies - And every time I eat one, I'll feel better!

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