"Hey Sparx, here's your chance to find out about Insomniac Games, developers of me - Spyro the Dragon™!

"Did you know that Insomniac Games has been around since the beginning of 1994? And that they have quietly built a reputation for developing top-notch games for the Sony PlayStation™."

"No, I didn't. What else?"

"Their very first game, Disruptor™, was released for the PlayStation in 1996 and garnered praise from all corners of the gaming world, including awards for "Best First Person Shooter" and "Sleeper Hit of the Year". Well, Spyro the Dragon is being release worldwide and we're poised to become one of Sony's biggest releases this year!"

"Wow! That's awesome, Spyro!"

"I'll say! From the very beginning, our creator's philosophy has been to focus on one high-quality title at a time with its team of dedicated professionals, who excel at pushing the limits of art and technology on the PlayStation. And it looks like this approach is paying off!"

"They must have a whole lot of people working for them to do all those cool games!"

"Actually, they're not big at all. By staying relatively small, Insomniac has managed to stay very flexible and pull off accomplishments that elude larger companies. They pride themselves on staying true to their motto: NO BUREAUCRACY!"

"Currently, Insomniac is enjoying a three-title contract with Universal Interactive Studios."

"Hey, Spyro -- I don't remember seeing them in any of our Dragon Worlds. Where do they work?"

"Their world is located in a magical place all its own - Los Angeles, CA!"

"I would sure like to meet these guys!"

"Okay, I can arrange that. I also have a surprise for you - if you read really closely, they will give us a few hints on getting around the dragon realm and toasting Gnasty Gnorc!

CLICK HERE to meet Spyro's creators!

CLICK HERE to check out the transcript from a live chat with the Spyro™ game developers!


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