Ted Price is the big boss - everybody calls him the President and he was the one who founded Insomniac Games in 1994 because it was the only way that he could write off the purchase of video games as "market research." Prior to starting Insomniac, he worked in the finance side of the medical industry which wasn't the most logical starting point for a career in video games, but he learned a lot about health insurance. He graduated from Princeton with a degree in English. When he grows up, he wants to be an astronaut or maybe a fireman."

"A fireman, Spyro? That's awesome!"

"I think so too. He is a really busy guy whose speciality is Art direction. He also handles the company's business and legal affairs when he is not the Art Director and wireframer for the games!"

"Okay, so what's his tip for us?"

"Don't forget that there are two options for cameras in the game. If the 'passive' camera isn't turning fast enough for you, go to the options menu and switch to the 'active' camera."

"That's really going to help us! Who else is there?"


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